Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rasogolla: Food for your eyes!

Researchers at Calcutta’s Jadavapur University have succeeded in fortifying the rasogolla, the favourite dessert of Bengalis, with beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A.
Scientists from the department of food technology and biochemical engineering mixed carrot paste with cottage cheese which went into making the ping pong-like juicy balls. Among the various concentrations tried out, the one with 30 per cent carrot paste was found to possess the highest levels of beta-carotene.

Carrot rasogollas were found to be quite similar to the traditional ones in terms of moisture, sugar content, elasticity and cohesiveness, but had different fat and protein levels. The fortified sweet could be useful in fighting acute vitamin A deficiency, a major cause of childhood blindness and severe visual impairment in India.

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Munda2 said...

But bandhu, normal rasgollas are 5 rupees each now and that too in Kolkata. Due the grace of the almighty inflation it is supposed to cross the Rs 8 tag within 2 years. Add to that the C.P of carrot which seldom shows face below 35. If the final product can fight the deficiency of vitamin A that's great but that cannot appeal to the mass unless made available in ration shops..Sadharonmanush je timir e, sei timir rei thakbe