Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why does a bump cause a goose egg on the head?
The familiar goose egg forms because of the extremely rich supply of small blood vessels in and under the scalp. When they rupture with even a slight bump and the skin is intact, the blood has no place to go, and the pooled blood pushes outward, sometimes to an alarming degree and forms GOOSE EGG !!!

Target cancer cells
An engineered virus can track down and infect the most common and deadly form of brain cancer, and then kill tumour cells by forcing them to devour themselves, according to researchers at the University of Texas. This virus uses telomerase, an enzyme found in 80 per cent of brain tumours, as a target. Once the virus enters the cell, it needs telomerase to replicate. Normal brain tissue does not have telomerase, so this virus replicates only in cancer cells.

Biogas train

Svensk Biogas of Sweden has unveiled the world’s first biogas-powered passenger train. Fitted with two biogas bus engines, this can carry up to 54 passengers with a velocity of 130 km/h. Biogas, produced by decomposing organic material, emits far less carbon dioxide than traditional fossil fuels. The environment-friendly $1,300,000 train can run for 600 km before it needs to refuel. It may eventually replace diesel or electric trains.