Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vitamins make teens active

Teenagers who take a daily multivitamin supplement have a healthier diet and lifestyle than those who don’t take vitamins. A team led by a University of Minnesota researcher found that adolescents who took vitamins:
  • had a lower rate of smoking, 29 vs 33 per cent;
  • were less likely to be overweight, 31 vs 37 per cent.
Teens who took vitamins were also more physically active, including higher rates of participation in sport events. Vitamin use was also linked to a lower rate of TV watching — less than 60 per cent of vitamin users watched an hour of TV per day, compared with 70 per cent of nonusers.

Nobel Prize boosts life span

New research at the University of Warwick reveals that a Nobel Prize brings more than just cash and kudos — it can also add nearly two years to your life. The researchers wanted to find out whether social status alone can affect people’s well being and life span.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Why does your stomach growl when you are hungry?

Doctors call it “borborygmi”. Sounds somewhat like the sound you hear, isn’t it?

Growling in the stomach is a common phenomenon all of us would have experienced sometime or the other. “The stomach muscles are in constant peristaltic motion to digest the food ingested and letting it flow into the intestines. In general, increased flow within the system causes the stomach to growl”.

In the absence of food the stomach walls squeeze together in an attempt to mix and digest food, the gases and digestive juices slosh around in the empty organ creating the noise